Professional Development  

Martin Consulting provides a myriad of professional development opportunities, from one day workshops to multi-day seminars. All professional development sessions are centered around job-embedded collaboration with a focus on student results. The sessions are engaging, interactive and outcomes-based. Participants will be able to immediately implement the strategies and techniques shared during the trainings. 

A Classroom Lecture
Classroom Management 101

Martin Consulting enhances teachers and school personnel abilities to establish and maintain a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning and achievement. Our consultants will provide participants with research-based strategies designed to improve student behavior. 


Online Class
Teaching and Learning Remotely 

Martin Consulting provides teachers with professional development to assist them in creating an online learning environment where all students and teachers thrive. During training sessions, participants will create the course design and develop instructional materials, including presentation materials and formative assessments to support the teaching and learning process.

Teacher Assisting a Student
Instructional Strategies  

Martin Consulting provides professional development to classroom teachers to enhance their content knowledge and build understanding of effective instruction. The sessions engage participants in inquiry into the subjects they teach and how their practices impact student learning. Focusing on work with students, Martin Consulting works with teachers to build their capacity to assess students’ needs, use data to modify and guide instruction, and identify the appropriate research-based practices to ensure all students master the content. 

Mathematics Coaching

Martin Consulting provides math teachers with professional development to deepen their knowledge and understanding of mathematics. Our coaches encourage collaborative discussions and problem solving to plan lessons, build content knowledge, anticipate or analyze student responses, prepare purposeful questions, explore manipulatives, select mathematics goals, and analyze the rigor and quality of mathematics activities. During training sessions, coaches facilitate conversations centered on examining student work samples to identify student understanding and misconceptions, develop a shared understanding of student conceptualization of a mathematics topic, and inform the next instructional steps. The coach and teacher work collaboratively to purposefully plan interactions to maximize student learning and implement specific practices to enhance instruction and increase student learning.

Data Analysis

Martin Consulting works with teachers and administrators to enhance their understanding of student achievement data. During sessions, participants learn how to unpack data reports- from the big picture to specific student details. Participants will create and use custom reports to organize, show case and analyze data. Collaboratively, participants will use data results to guide instructional practices and modify school structures in order to improve student learning. 

Leadership Typography Concept.jpg
Instructional Leadership 


Martin Consulting works with school administrators and leadership teams to enhance their skills as instructional leaders. Through a series of outcomes-based training sessions, participants are able to create, model, encourage and support a school culture that is student-centered and focused on high expectations, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Participants use data to make informed decisions that systematically support ongoing improvement in quality learning for all (students and teachers).

Business Meeting
Principal Coaching 

Martin Consulting provides personalized coaching for school administrators. Our coaches work with school leaders to identify their abilities, talents and, more importantly, their potential.  Coaches help leaders better understand the requirements of their jobs, competencies needed to successfully fulfill those requirements, gaps in their current performance, and opportunities to improve performance.

During one-on-one sessions, a coach serves as a catalyst for change, employs a variety of well-developed skills, strategies and processes to cause the leader to shift their perspectives, and helps the leader discover newer and better approaches to achieving goals.

Ultimately, Martin Consulting’s goal is to help school leaders become newer, more effective and efficient versions of themselves, prepared to lead their schools to success.