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chandna rani
Apr 02, 2022
Women have been –again– partially relegated to the domestic sphere, which hints at a defeminization of labor markets, and self-employment decreases along with salaried work. It would seem that unemployment would be the prominent mobile phone number list phenomenon, but not only in its open expression, but also in its latent manifestations of people who do not seek job opportunities, at first, because mobile phone number list there have been mobility restrictions with the confinement and, later, because the economy has not recovered. It will be necessary to see in the post-pandemic if self-employment recovers its historical function in the labor market33or if it is replaced by mobile phone number list the intermittence of transitions between temporary employment and unemployment, both in its open and hidden manifestation. Can the knots be untied? The configuration of these three knots of inequalities shows the penetrating impact of the mobile phone number list current crisis on the world of social marginalization, which is synthesized in the three keys that we have identified: the deepening of urban territorial fragmentation; a new seclusion of women in mobile phone number list the reproductive sphere; and the loss of importance of the structural surplus of the labor force in the adjustment processes of labor markets. What must be asked is what will happen to these processes in the post-pandemic: will they weaken or consolidate? Everything depends on the actions that are carried out to face them.

chandna rani

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