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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 13, 2022
In General Ed
The tranquil everyday style in the photo, and the mouth-watering dishes are the home-cooked dishes of food writer Lu Yian, which makes Jiang Zhencheng, the international Michelin chef, miss the good taste of simple ingredients. Doing what you like will last for a long time, and you can accumulate more details, and finally grow into what you like. Whether it's cooking or photography, due to a simple "like", Aon has not only not felt tired, but has become more addicted to cooking. Now she often shares cooking photos on Facebook, has many fans who love to watch her cooking, and even tries to set up her own knife crafting class to share the joy of cooking with more people. For Aon, cooking is a game to photo retouching entertain himself. From shopping to cooking, she immersed herself in it, making the taste of family peace of mind, and changing the taste of her favorite. Cooking is not only enjoyment, but also a fun game "I won't be in a hurry to cook it. I'll spend a lot of time looking at him, and I won't say wrap it up immediately and put it in the refrigerator." Sitting on the side, he admired the ingredients with hot eyes. Preparing dishes is also a period of time that Aon enjoys very much during the cooking process. What I want to tell you is that home cooking is a great fun entertainment. How do you want to cut vegetables today? How would you like to match the ingredients? These are Aon's home entertainment. I thought about how to play with my favorite taste through cooking methods such as knife work, steaming, frying, cooking and frying.

Nayeem Ahmed

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